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Terms and Conditions

School Hire & Private School Bus Transport



1. Payments:  All invoices must be paid before the date of hire unless prior arrangements have been agreed.


2. Departure times:  When booking your coach please be clear with the departure time from School that you require so that we can plan our coaches accordingly. Remember booking your departure time too early might cost you more money.


3. Departure Day:  Please ensure that the pupils are ready to board the coach before the requested departure time. 


4. First Aid Kits:  Although first aid kits are provided in all coaches our Drivers are not authorised to administer any medical procedures.  Schools must make sure that they bring their own medical kit and have an authorised First Aider.


5. Late departure:  Late departure from destination may incur extra charges if this prevents the coach from arriving on time at its next destination.


6. Seat Belts:  Seat belts must be used by all passengers on the coach


7. Eating and drinking (soft drinks):  The normal Company policy on short journeys is that no eating or drinking is permitted by pupils on the coach.  This ruling may be waived, if the senior teacher on the day confirms that any rubbish found will be put in a bag and taken away at the end of the journey and the coach left in a tidy condition.


8. Discipline on coach:  Teachers must be seated on the coach at the rear, centre and front to maintain discipline.


9. Luggage:  Large bags must be put underneath the coach in the baggage compartment.


10. Behaviour on our vehicles:  We do not tolerate abusive language on the vehicle.


11. Coach Cleaning:  The teachers on board the coach are responsible for making sure that the coach is left clean and tidy.  In the event that excessive mess or signs of sickness has been made then a cleaning charge of £50 will be incurred.


12. Parking charges:  Parking charges are always an additional cost unless otherwise stated on the invoice.


13. Toilet facilities:  The use of the toilet facilities on the coach is always a chargeable extra and cannot be used unless this has been pre-paid.


14. Lost Property:  Any lost property found on a coach after the hire will be handed in to our Lost Property Office and kept by Three Star for a period of Thirty days if not claimed.   Any request for an item to be returned by post, will incur a cost to cover postage.


15. Late Departures and Returns:  The Company accepts no responsibility for late arrival or return due to circumstances beyond our control. (e.g. traffic delays/weather conditions etc....) Refunds will not be given.


16. Cancellation of Coach:  If you cancel within 48 hours of the date of hire, then a 50% charge will be incurred.  If you cancel on the day of hire, then the full hire charge will be due.  During June and July, our peak times for school hires, any cancellation made within two weeks of the dates of hire will incur a full cancellation charge of 100%.


17. Three Star Coaches liability: In the unlikely event we need to sub-contract your hire, we cannot accept any responsibility should any problems arising with this operator.   Although we take great care in using reputable operators in each case. 


18. Amendment of Coaches:  Three Star Coaches reserve the right to make amendments to school transport route vehicles where necessary to maximise efficiency.  This may mean that your child may be put on a different bus.


19. School Bus Passes:  Passes remain the property of Three Star Coaches.  Should you wish to cancel, please notify the office immediately in writing (an email is acceptable).  Please be aware that no refunds will be issued for any days not used.  The pass must be retuned to the driver on the return journey of the last day of use.


20.  Early termination:  If for any reason you wish to terminate your child using the school bus early, no refunds will be payable.  Your commitment to us is by the term