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Adinkerke/Cite Europe by Tunnel


Adinkerke/Cite Europe By Tunnel


For those who like a quicker trip to Adinkerke, this is the one for you. Our trip to Tobacco Alley in Adinkerke is a quick dash for those in need of getting good value smokes and cheaper drinks. This is not a leisure trip in that we don't spend much time in either Adinkerke or Pidou Warehouse. Please be aware that given the extra security in France, there could be added delays.




Departure Points:


Our Depot


Luton Central Station - Bus Stop 4 At The Interchange


Galaxy Centre - Outside Whetherspoons.


From Luton, we travel directly to the terminal. There will be a one hour stop at Adinkerke before we proceed to Pidou, where you can do beer and wine shopping. At Pidou, we allow about 20-30 minutes for this and then we head back. This trip will drop those passengers who wish to at Cite Europe - where they will have around 3 hours to roam the shopping centre. These passengers will be picked up upon the coach's return from Adinkerke. It will then continue to Adinkerke picking up the Cite Europe Passengers upon its return from Adinkerke. Please see information on website links for details of duty free allowances.


You can pre-order your purchases either on-line or check out the prices before you go.



Please ensure that you have your Passport with you.


We will not take responsibility if you are over your allowances and a fee of duty is due. You must ensure that you remain within the legislation set out in the Duty Free and Duty Paid regulations.


We will not accept responsibility for any delay or for the confiscation of any goods by Customs.


It is the driver's responsibility to ensure the vehicle is not over weight and his decision is final on the amount of goods he can carry.



Special Notice:


Given the pending Brexit we don't know how our trips will be affected. We have made provisional bookings post Brexit, but this is subject to change. Please check this page regularly for up to date information.                                     

Below is a list of pick-up points available on this tour.

Below is a list of pick-up points available on this tour.

Name Address Contact Details Times
Galaxy, Luton Galaxy Centre, New Bedford Rd. Luton Town Centre
Luton Interchange Stop 4 Bus Stop 4 Bus Interchange Luton Railway Station
Our Depot Park Avenue, Sundon Park, Luton, LU3 3BP
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